Enhanced Oil Recovery LAB

Enhanced Oil Recovery LAB

Technician: Reihaneh Peirow

  • Introduction

Manager:Dr.Alireza Kazemi

Technician: Reihane Peirow


Slim Tube System


     The slim tube apparatus is used to obtain dynamic miscibility information at reservoir conditions. The gas to be tested is injected at a desired pressure through the slim tube, previously cleaned and saturated in oil by means of a high pressure pump. A back pressure regulator maintains a constant pressure inside the system 

     The effluents flowing from the slim tube can be observed through a capillary sight glass tube. They are then expanded to atmospheric pressure and temperature through a back pressure regulator. The volume of liquid effluents is then monitored continuously using a digital volume measuring detector while the produced gas is measured by a wet gas meter. The recovery curve is then plotted using the row data obtained during the different miscible displacement experiments. Additional components such as density meter and gas chromatograph are added to extend the capabilities of the instrument


The system has been made in France by VINCI company.