Organic Geochemistry LAB

Organic Geochemistry LAB

  • Introduction


Manager: Dr. A. Rabbani


Technician: Reihane Peirow


 1- Rock Eval 6 Analyzer


Identification of potential source rocks, their maturity and kinetic parameters, and their regional distribution is best accomplished by screening of rock samples using the Rock-Eval apparatus.

The Rock Eval 6 analyzer is designed to increase the domain of application of the method, in the field of source rock characterisation (improved kerogen analysis and kinetic parameters) and in reservoir studies.

The instrument is a completely automated device consisting of an oven which can be heated up to 850°C. An FID detector measures the H/C gas released during the pyrolysis. The quantity of CO and CO2 generated during pyrolysis and oxidation of samples is also measured.



2- PYRO-GC Analyzer                                        


The Pyro-GC analyzer is used to perform detailed analysis (finger print) on high potential sample selected through the screening methods. It also allows the chromatography of crude oils and bitumen. Correlations between the crude oils and source rocks can be determined by comparing the chromatograms of the oil sample to the pyrograms issued from source rock and heavy compounds (asphaltens). The pyrograms of the thermovaporizable and pyrolysable compounds from source rocks or reservoir rocks can be obtained without pre-treatment of the samples.

The GC unit is composed of a special Programmed-Temperature Vaporizer (PTV), an injector that can perform pyrolysis on bulk sample, a cold trap using liquid nitrogen placed at the column head to ensure a good introduction of the thermovaporizable compound, a split injector for oil sample, two capillary columns and two Flame Ionisation Detectors (FID).




3- Varian GC/MS/MS                                                   


The Varian 1200 GC/MS/MS is a triple-quadrupole gas chromatography/mass spectrometer. It includes a Varian cp-3800 GC plus a mass analyzer.

The device is used to characterize hydrocarbons in oil and provides excellent resolution with MS/MS.

It is the best triple quads for the analysis of biomarkers. The Varian 1200 comes with a cp-8400 Auto-sampler which elevates GC automation to new levels of reliability, productivity and performance. It provides high throughput with up to100 samples.

The auto-sampler is controlled by the Varian cp-3800 GC either standalone or through the Star software.

Precise retention times, quantitative analyses and spectral quality make the system very successful and effective.


4- Kerogenatron


This instrument is designed for pure kerogen extraction and mineral destruction by acidification. It is a fully assembled free standing unit, simply needing to be connected to power, tap water, and sewage system.

It includes its own neutralization system and 4 reactors but also water purification system, water heater, fume hood and a fume extraction fan special for acid fume extraction. In order to minimize the acid handling, an automatic version can be proposed in which acids are injected through an automatic perilstatic pump.




5- Bruker Tensor 27 FT-IR


Tensor 27 FT-IR is a perfect analytical tool for quality control by identification an unknown substance and checking the identification of a known substance. It automatically recognizes optical component and sampling accessories by Transmission and ATR methods. The spectrometer provides the analytical results within a short period of time without the need of extensive sample preparation.

This device measures the infrared light that is absorbed by a substance to assign it to its specific class of compounds.

The position & intensity of the absorption bands are extremely specific in the case of a pure substance. This enables the IR spectrum, similar to the human fingerprint to be used as a highly characteristic feature identification.


6- Vairo EL Elemental Analyzer                                       


The Vairo EL elemental analyzer is a powerful instrument for the rapid determination of the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur or oxygen content in organic and other types of materials. The instrument has been made in Germany.



7- Extraction system B-811                                             


The Buchi Extraction system B-811 has set a new standard in solid-liquid extraction procedures.

The electronic unit controls the sequence of the three phases (extraction, rinsing, drying) of one to four samples in parallel.

Substantial user-friendliness, practical working sequences, and time savings together with the optimal suitability for demanding applications in environmental and pharmaceutical analysis are immediately obvious. Short analysis times and absolute reliability of the measured results go hand in hand.

The instrument has been made in Germany by Buchi Company.


8- Rotavapor R-210/215


It’s a device used for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples and separation of liquids by evaporation.


The rotating flask generates an effective heat transfer for fast evaporation preventing a local overheating whilst leading to a smooth mixing of the content. The instrument has been made in Germany by Buchi Company.


 9- Heated Vacuum Dessicator


The VINCI dessicator includes a machined stainless steel heating plate with a glass bell, designed to withstand the pressure difference between in and outside. The sealing is secured by a Viton O-ring between the heating plate and the bell. The samples are dried by direct contact with the heating plate. The small volume and the compact design guarantee a short heating time. It is easy and safe to operate and requires hardly any maintenance.