Core Analysis LAB

Core Analysis LAB

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Core Analysis Laboratory Equipments


Sample Preparation Tools

Core Cutting Saw

This machine is used for longitudinal or traversal core cutting.



Plugging Machine

    The plugging machine is used for taking standard sized plugs from the whole core. The plugs are taken horizontally and/or vertically. The possible diameters are 1 inch and/or 1 ½ inches and the lengths are possible up to 5 inches, others also upon request.



Parallel Plug Dressing Machine (Trim Saw)

    This machine trims the all the rock plugs of a job into equal standard lengths of 2 inches. The distance between the blades are also adjustable to other sizes upon request.



Precision End Face Grinding Machine

    This machine is used to precisely grind the faces of a plug to have smoothed the roughness. This may be needed for capillary continuity.



Sample Cleaning Setups

Warm Solvent Extractor Soxhlets

    Some soxhlet setups are available for cleaning the samples and removing any residues of hydrocarbon or mineral salts from them.



Core Analysis Machines

Routine Core Analysis

Currently the routine core analysis machines are limited to Dean-Stark fluid saturation setups.




Special Core Analysis

Core Flooding System

    A core flooding system is in operation in the lab. The essential capability of this machine is performing displacement tests on reservoir rock samples with all possible combination of reservoir fluids. This makes the following tests possible:

A)          Single Phase injection of different liquids or gases into rock samples. This makes measurement of absolute permeability possible.

B)          Measurement of effective permeability of rock samples to different fluids at residual or any other saturation of other fluids.

C)          Derivation of Relative Permeability curves based on Unsteady State method for liquid-liquid or Gas-Liquid systems.

D)          Measurement of recovery factors from rock core samples under different injection designs. This may be useful for comparative evaluation of different flooding scenarios.

E)      Sample saturation or desaturation.

    Those tests involving gas injection may be performed using GIP unit, that is for high precision gas injection. the GIP limitation is up to 140 bars. The limiting pressure of the system is 690 bars and 175˚C(350˚F).

Sample sizes supported are as follows:

1)       1" Diameter, Up to 6" in Length

2)       1 1/2" Diameter, Up to 6" in Length

3)       4" Diameter, Up to 12" in Length

The flooding system is a CFS700 model, Vinci-Technologies made.