Department Information


The department of Petroleum Engineering of Amirkabir University of technology was founded in 2003 with the cooperation and financial support of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).


It has eight research labs and two computer sites. The labs have been equipped with the best and state of the art apparatus to study about oil and reservoirs and to perform industrial projects in these areas.


In addition, the library has about 600 Persian and 700 English books in the field of petroleum engineering.






Department History

Founded in 2002 with 33 B.Scs


Started to absorb M.Scs in 3 fields (Reservoir Eng., Drilling Eng., Exploration Eng.) in 2006


The total number of students at present:181 B.Scs, 50 MScs,14 Ph.Ds


New building is being constructed  with the financial support of NIOC





Department Honors